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HOT is a group of communication companies that offers customers a great variety of communication services, including multi-channel television, fast internet infrastructure with a speed of 200 Mb, advanced fixed line telephone services, ISP (internet provider) services – via subsidiary company HOTnet, and cellular connection services – via subsidiary company HOT mobile. In addition, the company provides international communication services including long-distance calls for fixed and mobile lines - via subsidiary company HOT 017
HOT has 872,000 subscribers of multi-channel television that constitute about 60% of the multi-channel television market share. The company has about 740,000 internet subscribers that represent more than 40% of the market share, and about 680,000 fixed telephone lines. Even before HOT mobile launching, the company was previously called “Mirs” and listed more than 430,000 clients. HOT provides services for a total of approximately 1.3 million households in Israel.


Triple Play package - The best prices in Israel

HOT is the only communication company in Israel offering the Triple Play, a perfect communication package providing complete pack of services for home: multi-channel television, fast internet services, and linear telephone services. Customers who subscribe to the Triple Play benefit from a complete communication package within one company and are quaranteed to enjoy efficient customer service, and prices that are lower by tens of percents comparing to services offered by other competitors in the market.


Multi-channel television

HOT offers its subscribers 180 diverse digital TV channels, including dozens of exclusive channels and topped off by about 20 HD broadcast channels. Our rich repertoire offers a variety of content for a vast range of audiences, and includes TV Series, movies, sport channels, channels for toddlers and kids, enrichment, entertainment and leisure channels, music channels, culture, science, news, international channels, interactive channels, games, and more.


Leader in content

Each year HOT invests about 700 million NIS for the purpose of content purchasing (more than any other broadcasting company in Israel), offering subscribers the best TV series in the world. Also, HOT constitutes a home for original Israeli creative TV productions, investing more than 150 million NIS in the production of original series every year.


HOT FiberBox

In march 2014, the company launched HOT FiberBox - the leading communication box that connects all media devices in your home - television, internet and telephone. HOT FiberBox offers a variety of innovative features such as Start next, Start over, Picture in Picture, media center, YouTube, HOT remote App and more.


Video on demand - the VOD revolution

HOT brings the Video on Demand revolution to Israel, while changing the television content consumption culture by offering a range of advanced services:



  •    HOT VOD: An exclusive service enabling the customer to enjoy a content library, among the largest in the world, at any available moment. The library contains up to 40,000 hours of content: TV series, movies, shows, music, and additional variety of content for any audience. The VOD service is an international success and it numbers 25 million orders every month. 
  •       Start over: An exclusive service enabling the viewer, while a broadcast is in progress, to start over and view it from the beginning, by merely using the remote-control. The service is available for a few selected channels.  
  •     Start next: An exclusive service enabling the viewer to start viewing the next program before it is scheduled to begin. The service is available for a few selected channels.   
  •   HOT MAGIC HD: A user-friendly recording cable converter that enables the viewer to manage the broadcast schedule and control it, record dozens of hours of broadcast, including HDTV broadcast, and more. 



Israel's fastest internet

HOT has placed Israel in the forefront of technology with the launching of UFI (Ultra Fast Internet), offering internet speed of 200 Mega Bit. The UFI network on one of the worlds cutting edge technologies, allowing every customer to choose the internet speed that suits his preference. In addition, HOT recently started a wide-range project of establishing a network of optic fiber lines that will be spread until the final destination - client's house (FTTB).


HOT linear telephone revolution

HOT telephone services are based on cutting edge technology cable infrastructure, allowing the company’s customers to enjoy a high-quality, reliable and up-to-date telephone network , including a variety of other state-of-the-art telephone services.


The Customer Service Revolution

HOT proudly carries the banner of customer service as a main goal, and is in the midst of a service revolution. We are constantly offering new customer service possibilities via phone and internet channels for the benefit of our clients. We continue recruiting new service representatives, improving the infrastructures, replacing older decoders with newer models, updating information systems, reducing the number of technical problems, improving the quality of our service, and more.  


HOT and the community

Deployed nationwide, HOT is obligated to directly connect with the community. For this reason, HOT finances a communal channel and its employees volunteer for a variety of activities, including the support of communities enveloping Gaza and in Sderot.




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